Company Background

AEC was founded in 1977 by a group of Thailand’s leading professional engineers to offer consulting services for public and private construction projects. With the ability of the company to deliver professional services with integrity, efficiency and on-time delivery, AEC soon gained recognition from Thai authorities and international funding agencies. Since then, AEC has grown rapidly to become a large firm employing over 500 staffs. It is a measure of AEC’s progress operating under the management philosophy of “Project Development Planning from Conception to Completion”, AEC has been contracted to undertake a complete range of planning and follow-up studies for some of the nation’s most prestigious development projects. Over the past 40 years AEC has successfully delivered more than 200 projects ranging from feasibility study, detailed design, construction supervision and project management of roads, expressways, highways, rails, mass rapid transits, airports and deepsea ports.

On April 30, 2020, AEC changed its management structure after 63.75% of its shares had been acquired by Stonehenge Inter Ventures Co., Ltd. (STV) (“a subsidiary company of Stonehenge Inter Public Co., Ltd. (STI)”), who are a providing consultancy services in engineering, construction management and supervision, with best expertise and skillful management team of over 30 years in engineering industry, it have teams who are fully equipped with professional experiences. This fruitful acquisition will promote synergy as a whole and not only result in an increase in business turnover, but also performance improvement and competitiveness enhancement, hence, leading the company to flourish gracefully and sustainably in the long run.

AEC has registered for a professional license and membership as follows:

Council of Engineers Thailand (Registration No. 0019/44)

Consultant Database Center, Public Debt Management Office, Ministry of Finance (Registration No. 76, Level 1)

Consultant Management System of Asian Development Bank (Registration No. 000728)

The Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. The King’s Patronage (Membership No. C1-006)

The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand (Membership No. 2009)

Roads Association of Thailand (Membership No. 10006744)

The hallmarks of AEC’s success are attributable to the breadth and depth of its management and professional staff, the confidence shown by clients and international financial institutions, its affiliation with recognized specialists and companies, and its extensive experience in all areas of economic evaluation, detailed engineering design, construction supervision and project management.

AEC is proud to announce that it has received ISO: 9001 certification in December 2015, the first engineering consultancy firm in Thailand that has been awarded such 2015 version of international standard.

Cer ISO 2021